Women's Fragrance

Choosing a women's fragrance can be a daunting task do you want a light, citrus scent? Or do you prefer something musky and sensual? Before you buy, find out what you should look for in a perfume or fragrance oil.

There are basic groups when it comes to women's fragrance. Perfume can be floral, citrus, fougere, or Oriental. Sometimes, these categories are broken down even further into things like woody fougere and green floral. Floral and citrus scents are lighter, and use natural scents from fruits and flowers to create cool fragrances. Adidas Citrus Energy is a refreshing perfume that is clean and subtle, and thees types of citrus scents are perfect for the office. Fougere and Oriental perfumes are muskier: fougere is mossy and woody, while Oriental is exotic and spicy. Usually, these heavier scents are blended with lighter undertones like floral or citrus so they aren't too overwhelming, and are kept for evenings or special occasions. Opium by Yves St. Laurents is a musky, sensual Oriental perfume that is better left for a night out than the workday.


Testing The Fragrance

When you are testing various fragrances, it's important to remember that your first impression the first spritz on the wrist is not what the perfume will smell like a few hours later. Whether it's a designer fragrance or wholesale fragrance oil, it will have other notes that will come through after a few hours. The base note, which is what you smell after at least five hours, is the foundation of the perfume, so don't make a hasty decision based on what the fragrance smells like when you first spray it on. It's best to get a small tester from the store and see how it smells after a few hours spraying the eau de parfum on a piece of paper won't give you an idea of the scent against your skin. Everyone's skin responds to a perfume differently, so don't base your purchase on how it smells on a strip of paper. Wearing the fragrance will also allow you to make sure that you don't have an allergy to that particular type of perfume.

Other Fragrance Options

If you really like a particular scent, but aren't sure if you want to use it as your signature eau de toilette, why not buy a fragrance candle or home fragrance oil with the same scent? That way, you can enjoy the scent without having to use it on your skin each day. This can be ideal for heavier scents that may be too overpowering.


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