Unisex Fragrance

While some fragrances definitely smell more masculine or feminine, there are a number that are unisex. In both men's and women's perfumes and colognes, there are similar tones that make up the scent: floral, fougere, citrus and Oriental. These tones are often blended together to create a unique designer fragrance that suits a man or a woman.

The Unisex Fragrance That's Right For You

Unisex fragrances aren't usually heavy on floral or woody notes; these are reserved for men's or women's perfume and cologne. A light floral perfume like Spring Flower by Creed is strictly a woman's perfume, while the rugged Christine Lavoisier cologne Wild Tobacco is very masculine and would be too overpowering for most women. Unisex fragrances are more subtle when it comes to masculine or feminine tones which is why they can be worn by men or women.


Many unisex fragrances are cool and refreshing, with fresh tones of grapefruit or lemon, or fainter traces of lavender or cloves. By mixing scents that are considered masculine or feminine with a stronger tone, the fragrance becomes ideal for either sex to wear. Scents we associate with food or drink such as vanilla, cinnamon and tea are common among unisex fragrances. Many large retail chains make scents that can be worn by both men and women: look for fragrances from stores like Benetton that will appeal to either sex.

Unisex Scents

There are certain fragrance scents that we don't associate with either masculinity or femininity. The Demeter Earl Grey Tea fragrance is a good example: the strong undertones of tea and bergamot can be worn by males and females. Other non gender specific scents are some citrus notes, patchouli or sandalwood, and spicy Oriental tones. Whether you're male or female, these fragrances will complement your personality and style.

You may have a different impression of a unisex cologne or fragrance oil when you first apply it. Remember that fragrance takes at least four hours to reveal its tones, so if at first spritz it seems heavy on a floral or woody scent, that could change once it's reacted with your skin.

Like any fragrance, you don't want a unisex cologne or perfume that is too overpowering. A lot of unisex fragrances are more subtle, as they don't have the floral undertones of women's perfume or the smoky fougere scents that are common to men's fragrances. This makes a number of unisex fragrances perfect for either day or night wear, for a variety of occasions.


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