Perfume Bottles and Atomizers

If you want to create an elegant look in your bedroom or bathroom, why not use a beautiful perfume bottle or atomizer? They can be great decor items that add style to any room. There are certain things you should look for before you buy an atomizer or perfume bottle. A lot of people collect perfume bottles and atomizers, and they can be purely decorative or more expensive to add to your collection.

What to Look For In A Perfume Bottle or Atomize r

The worst things for your perfume are heat and light. Over time, sunlight and warm spaces can contribute to your perfume turning a darker color and losing it's potency. It may even begin to smell mildewy. When you buy a perfume bottle or atomizer, you need to ensure that it will properly seal your fragrance, and won't let air in which can evaporate the perfume. The top of the bottle should seal tightly and be free from cracks. If you opt for an antique European atomizer of perfume bottle which will be more expensive any nick or scratch will de-value the item.


Styles of Perfume Bottles and Atomizers

You can find virtually any style of atomizer or perfume bottle to suit your personal taste and decor. Vintage perfume bottles are popular to store fragrances, and often have simple black and white or brass accessories to accent the bottle itself. If your style is more Victorian, you can find a number of antique perfume bottles with flowers or pastel colors. There are even atomizers or perfume bottles with elaborate animal figurines or delicate scalloped edges; you'll pay more for these more delicate perfume bottles.

If you choose to buy a perfume bottle or atomizer, you need to ensure that it's opaque or frosted, so that it won't let light or heat into you perfume. Many styles utilize clear glass, and will allow perfume deteriorate over time if left on a shelf or dresser. An opaque or frosted perfume bottle won't allow light or heat to break down the fragrance, and is the best choice when you're looking for an atomizer.

A number of designer perfumes and fragrance oils come in gorgeous bottles that feature intricate shapes or colors, so you don't need to buy a perfume bottle or atomizer. However, if you want to add style to your home, you can find a variety of unique bottles to hold your favorite fragrance.


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