Men's Fragrance

There are so many men's fragrances on the market, so how can you choose the scent that's right for you? First, think about what scents you like, and what environments you'll be wearing the fragrance in. You'll want a different type of cologne for the office than you will for night time wear. Always test a cologne or fragrance oil on your wrist and let it sit for at least five hours. This way, you'll have a good idea of the middle and base notes of the fragrance, not just what it smells like at first spray.

Men's fragrance is broken down into the same categories as women's perfume: floral, fougere, Oriental, and citrus. Depending on your style and personality, you can select a fragrance family that will best suit you. Most men's fragrances have a few separate undertones, so you can select a heavier or muskier base and balance it out with floral or citrus scents, or vice versa.


Floral Men's Fragrance

While the idea of a floral fragrance for men may make you think of a very feminine scent, this is not the case. A cologne like Chevignon for men has floral undertones, but is mixed with a spicy Oriental scent that makes it masculine. Floral men's fragrances are ideal for the summer, or for the office when a lighter cologne is better. You'll find floral fragrances for men mixed with all sorts of scent: tobacco, moss, leather and fruit.

Fougere Men's Fragrance

This type of men's fragrance has a mossy base, which is mixed with floral, citrus or other scents to create a natural, earthy smelling designer fragrance or fragrance oil. Cool Water for men blends fougere with fresh fragrance notes for a musky scent that men and women alike love. This cologne can be too heavy if there is too much emphasis on the fougere scent, so can balance it out with a cologne that has a floral or citrus scent.

Oriental Men's Fragrance

These colognes are spicy and musky, and are suited for men who want to project an image of power and strength. They are often worn out in the evenings rather than to the office, although if an Oriental scent has lighter notes such as Pecksniff's Spicy Oriental it may be fine for a day behind a desk.

Citrus Men's Fragrances

This type of men's fragrance is light and airy, and gives cologne a cool scent that is perfect for spring or summer. One of the most popular colognes for men with a citrus foundation is Happy by Clinique. Refreshing and crisp, you'll smell clean and fresh every time you spritz on this citrus men's fragrance.


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