How To Find The Right Perfume

Are you shopping for perfume? It's never a good idea to just hit the stores and spray on a few colognes or fragrances here and there. You need to think about how much perfume you will use, what occasions you want it for, and how it fits into your lifestyle and personality.

First, consider the size. If you love a particular perfume, and it is a lighter scent, then buying a large bottle of a fragrance like Happy by Clinique might be fine it's a subtle, barely-there scent that you can use everyday. However, if you're after a musky fragrance oil, less is more don't buy a 1000 ml of patchouli oil because you just won't use it.

Allergy Concerns With Fragrances

Even if you're not allergic to all perfume, certain ones may make you sneeze or break out in a rash. Your best bet is to try the perfume in the store simply spray once or twice on the inside of your wrist and see how you react. Natural fragrance oils or essential oils may cause less irritation to your skin if you have allergies to designer perfume or cologne.


Fragrant Personalities

When buying fragrance, pick one that reflects your style and personality. For example, if you want perfume with an edge, Jean Paul Gaulthier makes Rock Star perfume for women, and it's got sharp, floral notes that will definitely get you noticed.

You can also choose your fragrance based on the occasion that you will most often use it for. If you want it for the office, a lighter floral or citrus scent is your best bet. If you want to impress your date in the evenings, an Oriental or musky eau de toilette will be ideal.

How To Get Free Fragrance Samples

It's common for department stores and fragrance shops to give away samples. Often, you can ask the salesperson for a small vial of the perfume or cologne, and then spritz it at home. Your sense of smell can become overwhelmed after sniffing so many fragrances, so it can help to take home a trial for the next day.

Otherwise, you can spritz beauty fragrance on a strip of paper, which will give you an idea of the base note of the perfume. Keep in mind, however, that you really need to spritz the perfume on your skin to get the best effect. It will always smell differently on a piece of paper than it will on your skin.


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