Buying Designer Fragrance at a Discount

With so many wholesale and discount fragrance stores online and locally, why pay full price for designer perfumes and colognes? It's possible to get your favorite fragrance oils and eau de toilette at a fraction of the price you'd expect to pay.

Fragrance Stores

If you head to a department store to make your fragrance purchase, expect to pay more. Usually, these fragrances are designer, and unless the store itself has a massive sale you will end up paying a higher price for fragrances, home fragrance oils and colognes. While some fragrance stores can offer you big discounts, you're often better off to go online or shop at a discount perfume store.

One benefit to fragrance stores is that you can usually take a small sample of the womens perfume or mens cologne that you want, to try it later. Standing in a perfume shop can become overwhelming, and when you spray a perfume it takes at least four hours to reveal all of its undertones. The fruity, citrus eau de toilette you spray at the fragrance counter my give way to spicy tones later on give the perfume or fragrance oil a chance to mingle with your skin.


Fragrance Outlets

Fragrance outlets offer you popular perfumes and colognes at a fraction of the price. You can expect to pay up to 70% less than you would at a department store. You'll find beautiful perfumes and colognes for very low prices. How can the fragrance outlet afford to do this? They buy a large supply of these perfumes before they hit the stores and resell them for drastically reduced prices. You'll sometimes find a complete set of fragrance, soap and body lotion for less than you'd pay for a small bottle of perfume at a department store!

Discount and Wholesale Perfumes

If you shop online, you can find fragrance stores that offer designer perfumes at wholesale fragrance prices. Again, it's all about volume these stores purchase huge shipments of perfume and cologne and can afford to slash prices and still make a decent profit. allows you to search for the fragrance you want, and shop for skin care and fragrances for low prices. They also feature candles and a favorites section so you can check out what's new this season, or find classic fragrances that are on must-have lists year after year.


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