Body Lotion

A body lotion in your favorite designer perfume or cologne can be the ideal way to layer your fragrance and maximize the scent. Also, if you don't want to buy an entire bottle of fragrance oil or eau de toilette, it can be a subtle way to wear a beautiful scent.

Body lotion is also moisturizing, and a number of popular fragrance lotions contain items like shea butter or cucumber to nourish your skin. Body lotions like Kai for women have sunflower oil and apricot kernel oil to add moisture while you wear. For perfume or cologne lovers with dry skin, body lotion can be a good way to moisturize skin while smelling great.

Layering Your Scents

If you buy a designer fragrance, a tube of body lotion will allow you to layer the scent. After you shower or bathe, you can apply the body lotion and follow it with a dab or spritz of the women's perfume or men's cologne. Burberry Weekend Perfume can be bought with a scented body lotion, and with its crisp, floral fragrance it's perfect for spring or summer.


Perfume and Cologne Alternatives

If you don't want to buy a large bottle of eau de toilette or try an expensive cologne, a body lotion can be the best way to try a particular fragrance. Other people prefer the more subtle scent of body lotion as compared to a concentrated perfume or fragrance oil. While eau de toilette or cologne can be quite strong, body lotion has a much lighter scent that is better for days at the office.

If you're buying perfume as a gift, a bottle of body lotion can be better than a large bottle of designer perfume or cologne. Perfume is a highly personal gift, and body lotion can be used either as a hand cream, or lightly layered if the scent is too overwhelming. You can also find soap, body spritzer and deodorant in many of your favorite designer scents. Altogether they may be too overpowering, but by using one or two you can create a layered scent that will last all day.

Unisex Body Lotion

You can find scents that are neither masculine nor feminine: they are suitable for men or women. Body lotion like sandalwood or patchouli body lotion can be worn alone or underneath another fragrance. Some people prefer a unisex fragrance if they don't want strong undertones of flowers or woody scents; most unisex fragrances have a more natural tone and aren't overly heavy on one scent.


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