Bath Salts and Soap

Whether you simply want to layer your fragrance, or take a luxurious soak with beautiful smelling products, you can find scented bath salts and soap to suit your style. Bath salts and soap are also a more inexpensive gift than a large bottle of designer perfume or cologne.

Besides adding fragrance to your bath, bath salts and soap also have moisturizing properties, or add sparkle to your skin. If you're looking for an added feature, try fizzing bath salts or soaps with natural fruit or vegetable extracts that will nourish your skin. A number of bath salts and soap utilize extracts from the Dead Sea, which moisturize and renew your skin. If you can find fragrance bath products with these ingredients, they will help exfoliate rough skin and create smooth, moisturized skin.


Popular Fragrance Bath Salts and Soap

You can find many of your favorite designer fragrances in bath salts and soap. Philosophy makes women's fragrances, body scrubs, bath salts and soap in their popular perfume scents like Inner Grace. These can be layered with the fragrance itself, or used alone for a relaxing bath or shower. You'll find the same high quality in the bath products as you will in the fragrance when it comes to designer bath salts and soap. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea fragrance is also available as a muscle soak for your bath, and can be followed with perfume and body lotion for an all over scent.

Essential Oils Bath Salts and Soap

Essential oils are natural oils made from plants, and are ingredients in many perfumes and colognes today. Essential oils are commonly used in bath salts and soap, because they are all natural and shouldn't cause irritation to your skin. Some of the most used essential oils are lavender, sage and chamomile. However, there are dozens of essential oils that are used in bath products, so look into which oils match which moods, and you can create the atmosphere you want.

Fruit essential oils are also found in a lot of bath salts and soap. Anything from orange to pomegranate can make a great smelling bath product.

Bath Salts and Soap For Your Mood

You can use different essential oils depending on your mood: if you want to be energized, a citrus essential oil is the perfect pick-me-up, while a lavender or pine essential oil will soothe and calm you. Since many people take baths to wind down after a stressful day, relaxing essential oils are usually used in bath salts and soap.


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