Stick Diffuser

While many people use scented candles or oil diffusers in their home to make it smell fresh and appealing, fewer know about stick diffusers. Stick difffusers hold reeds that soak up scented oils, and when you light the stick the scent is spread around the room. They can effectively get rid of food and pet odors, and the scent will linger in your home far after the stick has completely burned. Most stick diffusers are made of reed, and easily soak up essential oils. Stick diffusers are one of the most inexpensive ways to give your home long lasting scent.

How To Use A Stick Diffuser

You simply pour the scented oil into the stick diffuser, and within an hour the sticks soak up the liquid. You can now light the stick and enjoy the perfume for hours. You can flip the sticks occasionally to increase the scent. Most of the time, you won't need to re-light the stick as it will slowly burn and release the scent.


Scents For Your Stick Diffuser

The fragrance you choose for your stick diffuser depends on your personal taste, and the mood you want for the room. Many people opt for cinnamon or vanilla smelling sticks for the kitchen or dining space, while they choose soothing oils such as chamomile or pomegranate for the living room or bedroom. Some essential oils and fragrance oils will invoke a relaxed, calm feeling, while others will put you in a romantic, sensual mood. If you want a fresh, light scent for your home, pick a stick like Indian Summer or Ocean Sky by Misticks. For a heavier, muskier scent, try patchouli or basic scented sticks.

Styles of Stick Diffuser

While many stick diffusers are clear glass, you can find more elaborate containers to match with your decor. Whether you want a ceramic or wooden stick diffuser, you can find a design that will look great in your home. Many air freshener companies are now featuring stick diffusers, which are usually made of plastic and release scents at timed intervals. While these stick diffusers have oils that smell beautiful, they are largely made of synthetic materials, compared to many types of natural sticks and oils that utilize natural products like sandalwood or tea.

There are even car stick diffusers on the market today, so you can enjoy your favorite fragrances on the road. Others are made of colored or patterned glass to fit with any style of decor.


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