Fragrance Candle

If you love the scent of your favorite designers fragrances, why not enjoy similar perfume scents in the home? Or, if you want to create a certain atmosphere in your house, use natural aromatherapy candles. Candles can create a relaxed feeling, both with the look of the candle and the scent itself. Candles are also a better option than chemical air fresheners, which have a lot of chemicals and can cause allergies.

Designer Candles

Many designers offer home decor and candles, such as Calvin Klein's Truth votives that give your home a woody smell, or the Ralph Lauren Thoroughbred candles in a beautiful brown flask. While you'll pay more for designer candles than you will for regular ones, they are both high quality and wonderful smelling. With many cheaper candles, you'll get a waxy, strong scent that will burn quickly, but designer candles will last longer and give off a fresh scent for hours. They also make an ideal gift, either with a perfume or cologne or as a housewarming or birthday present.


Aromatherapy Candles

If you want a lasting scent that will set a certain mood in your home, arotherapy candles are an ideal way to set the scene for a soothing living room and bedroom. If you're looking for a relaxating scent for your home, lavender and sandalwood both have calming properties. For a more energized home, try a mint or jasmine candle. You can create any mood or memory with aromatherapy candles, and this type of fragrance comes in hundreds of different styles and colors.

These candles are ideal because they are usually made from all natural ingredients, including essential oils. They are also very long lasting, and a high quality candle will burn for hours. This makes fragrance candles an inexpensive alternative to other room fresheners. Fragance candles can also be put into pretty candleholders or centerpieces for a festive look ?use your imagination and create a gorgeous room using aromatherapy candles.

Cluster a number of aromatherapy candles together in the bedroom for a sensual look, or coordinate your designer candle with the other decor in your room. Fragrance candles can be an alternative to heavier perfumes, and will make any room in your home look elega nt. You can find fragrance candles in every style from zebra print to soft pastel. You can match the scent to the room ?like cinnamon or raspberry in the kitchen ?or choose a candle based on the mood it represents.


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