Storing Perfume

How can you properly store perfume so that it will last longer and not dry out or lose its scent? While refrigeration keeps many things well preserved, it's not the ideal condition to store fragrance. So, don't stick your eau de parfum or cologne in the vegetable crisper in the hopes of it staying fresh. Perfume and cologne can be very expensive, so it makes sense to follow these tips to keep your fragrance fresh.

What Makes Perfume Degrade?

Heat and light are the agents that break down perfume and cause it to lose its scent after awhile. Light from the bedroom window or a warm shelf in your bathroom cause the scent to break down over time, and you'll be left with a bottle of faded perfume. Air can also damage perfume, as it causes it to evaporate if left open for too long.

You'll be able to tell if your perfume has deteriorated. It may be darker in color, and it will smell either very weak or strangely mildewed or dusty. Unfortunately, once your perfume has broken down, there's nothing you can do to bring back the scent.


Ways of Preserving Perfume

To keep your perfume from degrading, make sure the bottle is tightly sealed, stored away from light in a cool cabinet or drawer. Although you may want to put your bottle of expensive designer fragrance on your dresser to display the beautiful bottle, avoid the temptation and store it away from heat and light.

You can keep your fragrance on your shelf if it is in an opaque or frosted bottle, as this will filter out most of the light. It should still be kept in a cool place to keep the scent from deteriorating, but it won't fade as rapidly if it's stored in one of these bottles. You can also buy elegant perfume bottles or sprayers in any style and color to showcase your fragrance. You just pour the fragrance into the perfume spritzer and you have a great way to store your perfume and spray it on evenly each day.

The top also needs to be kept clean, so wipe with alcohol occasionally to keep dirt and dust from entering your fragrance bottle. Whether it's a large bottle of beauty fragrance or a small vial of fragrance oil, you can keep your perfume from breaking down and losing its scent by taking these simple precautions.


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