Perfume Ingredients

When you buy a new fragrance perfume or cologne, do you ever think about what's in it? Fragrance is made of scent molecules, synthesized in labs but also in nature trees, flowers and grass. Some of the scents you'll find in fragrance perfumes and oils can be traced back centuries, such as frankincense and myrrh the gifts the Three Wise Men brought to Jesus' birth. Love Butter by Carol's Daughter uses frankincense, while Yves St. Laurent Opium contains myrrh.

Synthetic Perfume Ingredients

Synthetic ingredients like galaxolide, aldehyde and 3-methoxy-4-hydroxy-benzaldehyde are found in classic favorites like Chanel No.5, Shalimar, and many of the modern day perfumes and colognes that are available today. You'll find another molecule, linalool in 90% of all of today's perfumes. While these names may be hard to pronounce and somewhat confusing, they are central to the beautiful scents in everything from your designer fragrances to candles and home fragrances.


Natural perfume ingredients

It's very common to find natural ingredients in fragrances, such as patchouli, which is aromatic wood from the West Indies. You'll find patchouli in Thierry Miegler's Angel, and it tends to have a very recognizable love-it-or-hate it scent that a lot of people dislike. Sandalwood is another popular natural scent, and is more common that patchouli in designer fragrances. Look for sandalwood in perfumes like Dior Addict by Dior and Escada Magnetism.

Ambergris was found on the beaches a gray substance the beachcombers harvested and was later mixed with other synthetics to make perfume. Ambergris, or amber for short (and it's not the amber in jewelry) doesn't smell particularly nice on its own, but when combined with other substances it creates a gorgeous smell. Vera Wang Princess and Stella McCartney's Stella both contain ambergris, and they are two of the highest selling fragrances out there.

Fruits, flowers and spices make lot of women's perfumes, eau de parfums and eau de toilettes. These natural ingredients like grapefruit or peach, cinnamon, honeysuckles and gardenias, are in some of the top designer fragrances on the market. Natural perfume ingredients make for a lovely summer women's fragrance, and give perfume a light, airy scent that is perfect for daytime wear.

Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils also often contain natural ingredients. Fragrance oil is much thicker and more potent than perfume or cologne you'll only need a tiny dab or two to last you all day. Natural ingredients like cinnamon, cloves and sandalwood are a central component to home fragrances as well, such as oil burners to freshen your home, or all natural candles to add style and warmth. There are many online stores that sell wholesale fragrance oil.


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