Perfume As a Gift

If you're planning on surprising a friend or family member with a bottle of perfume, there are a few things you should know before you gift wrap that bottle of fragrance. By keeping these perfume gift buying tips in mind, you can ensure that any fragrance gift you give will be appreciated.

Ask Before You Buy Perfume As A Gift

If you know the person well, you may know their favorite perfume already. If it's for a spouse, you'll know when your wife is running low on eau de toilette and can give it as a birthday or Christmas gift. Or, you could buy a fragrance oil or cologne with a similar scent to their signature perfume. For someone you don't know well, you could always ask one of his or her friends what type of fragrance is best.


Allergies are another concern. A person may not wear fragrance because he or she is actually allergic to perfume. This could be an extremely awkward gift to give if you are unaware that the person has a skin irritation or allergy to the fragrance you select. Other people simply don't like fragrance, or don't want a heavy perfume in the workplace.

Unless you have a good idea of what the gift recipient likes or already has, don't buy perfume as a gift. Fragrance is a very personal item, and we all know that it takes some sampling and testing to find the scent we'll stick with. Halston for Women, for example, has a woody, mossy smell that lots of women love, while others can't stand it.

Buy Scented Alternatives To Perfume

You may be wary to buy someone a large bottle of designer fragrance you're not sure will be liked or used. To be on the safe side, you could always pick out a candle fragrance or an oil burner for home fragrance. This way, the person doesn't have to wear the scent, but can enjoy it in the home. Often, you can find fragrance oils or candles for the home that are based on designer perfumes or colognes. If you want to get them fragrance they can wear, a smaller bottle of cologne, or a tube of scented hand lotion can be an ideal way to give them a perfume gift that won't be too overpowering.

One option is to give a gift certificate to an aromatherapy or fragrance store. This way, the person can choose the perfume or cologne that appeals to them, rather than receiving a giant bottle of fragrance that will sit unused on the shelf.


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