Perfume and Cologne: Levels of Concentration

If you're shopping for a perfume or cologne, the selection can be overwhelming. Between online and retail stores selling hundreds of brand name fragrances, natural perfume oils, and discount colognes, how do you choose the scent that's right for you? Different levels of fragrance concentration suit different situations, and you should put consideration into how strong or weak a perfume or cologne is before you buy. When it comes to fragrance, it all comes down to percentages:


Perfume: Perfume is by far the strongest fragrance, with a density of between 15 and 30%. If you opt for women's perfume, you need to know how to use it sparingly, and avoid overusing it in the office or around those with allergies and sensitivities. Perfume is best suited for a night out or special occasion, rather than everyday use. While you can find wholesale fragrance that is very affordable, perfume and perfume extract is more expensive because it's a lot more concentrated than other types of fragrance. \


Eau de Parfum: Eau de Parfum comes next with a scent density of 8 to 15%. You'll find these beauty fragrances have the same scents you'll find with many perfumes, but don't smell as strong. Eau de Parfum is suitable for daytime use if it's a ligher, floral scent, but if you want a richer, muskier designer fragrance, it is better for dressing up than a day at work.

Eau de Toilette: Eau de Toilette contains more water and is contains about 4 to 8% of the fragrance compound. With it's light scent, you can dab some behind your ear and on your wrists without it being

at all overpowering. Many eau de toilettes come in lighter scents like gardenia, grapefruit and clean linen, which makes them a great choice for summer or everyday wear.


Cologne has anywhere between a 1 and 5% concentration of fragrance, and like women's perfume, a little goes a long way. Men can choose between various scents of fragrances: musky, spicy, even a hint of citrus for a fresh scent. Men's cologne is usually cheaper than women's perfume, since the density of perfume oils is a lot higher.

It can be baffling to try and choose between the numerous perfumes and fragrances out there. Once you understand the different types of perfumes and colognes, you can decide which scent density is right for you. Oils and fragrances are expensive, which is why you'll pay a lot more for a perfume than you will for an eau de toilette.


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