How To Let Fragrance Work Best For You

When you're choosing a fragrance, you want to find one that will complement your style and personality, smell great, and not be too overpowering for others. Before you spray, you need to understand the basics of perfume and how it works.

Whether it's men's cologne or women's eau de toilette, fragrance has three notes: a top, middle and base note. The top note is what you smell when you first spritz on the perfume, while the middle is the scent that lingers for three or four hours. The base note is the central scent of the perfume, and is what smells most dominant. So, don't buy a perfume that you spray on and love; get a sample or spritz some in the store and see how it smells four or five hours later. Everyone's skin reacts differently to perfume, so the designer fragrance you put on will smell differently if your friend uses it.


What Not To Do With Fragrance

Don't use your fragrance as a deodorant. Many people step out of the shower and spray on a cloud of eau de parfum. Fragrances especially perfumes, which have the strongest scent concentration, are meant to be used sparingly. Put a few dabs on your body: one behind your ear, and one on your wrist is plenty. Or, spritz the perfume in the air and walk through it, rather than shoot it directly onto your skin. This will allow it to be evenly distributed and it won't be too strong. Don't spritz cologne under your armpits or slap on your face like aftershave you may not even be able to smell how strong it is, but it's very potent.

Other Perfume Basics

You need to match the scent to the occasion. If you're going to the office, a lighter scent such as a citrus or floral based fragrance will be fine, but stay away from musky Oriental perfumes or fragrance oils. They are better left for night time, when a heavier, stronger perfume is acceptable for a dinner out or evening of dancing. A cologne like Polo Sport has a nice citrus scent that a man could wear in his workplace, while Romance by Ralph Lauren for women is better suited for evenings with it's sensuous, musky scent.

Your fragrance will last longer if you use it on moist skin. So, if you have dry skin on your wrist, moisturize with a lotion first and then apply perfume. It will keep its scent through the day rather than wearing out.

Use your discretion when you're using any type of fragrance. Many workplaces have banned the use of fragrance nobody wants to step into an elevator that smells overpoweringly of gardenia. There are a lot of people who have perfume allergies, so keep that in mind if you're going to be in a crowded area.


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